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On 17 November 2022, a regional conference within the COSME ELCA project took place in Poland. The conference was organised within the framework of the COSME ELCA project in order to summarise its activities and encourage participation in the latest events planned under the project. There was also an occassion to networking.

The conference was attended by around 80 people, including representatives of toolmaking and plastics processing industries and scientific bodies (universities and institutes), as well as delegates of the industrial park in Bydgoszcz and representatives of financial institutions.

An important part of the conference was the cooperative exchange, where participating entities had a space to present their products and services. Participants of the conference had the opportunity to see presentations related to European sources of funding and support for enterprises. In addition, specialists from EDORADCA sp. z o.o. presented the topic of relief for robotisation.

The whole meeting was an extraordinary opportunity to integrate and make new contacts.