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ELCA network

ELCA (European Lightweight Cluster Alliance) is a collaborative initiative that aims to accelerate the adoption of lightweight materials in strategic industries. Mobility is the primary focus of the alliance, but applications in other lightweighting-related sectors are also targeted; including energy, health care, defence and construction. The alliance is creating a unique inclusive business framework for exploring lightweight-driven market opportunities. The main players from established industries and research institutions can collaborate and facilitate activities to put the lightweight technologies into practice.

The network brings together 17 hubs from 15 European countries, 1637 SMEs, 303 large companies and 155 business environment institutions. A coordinator of the network is Bax&Company from Spain.

The ELCA creates a unique, integrative business framework to discover new market opportunities. It brings together top-class scientists and entities that develop and implement on a large scale many various research and development projects, responding to the challenges and needs of the industry. ELCA members focus their innovation efforts by continuously developing new products and technologies and enhancing mutual cooperation. Leading representatives of established industries and research institutions can collaborate and facilitate efforts to bring lightweight materials into widespread industrial use.

The European Lightweight Cluster Alliance is an initiative that is and will be developed all the time, because in the coming years the need to use composites in industry and protect the natural environment will become stronger and stronger.
The official website: www.elcanetwork.eu