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We encourage you to take part in an online event organized by the EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation. Bringing together experts, business leaders and other stakeholders from both sides to share ideas and experiences and identify synergies and opportunities for joint action take part in them.

The conference next and final event in this series will take place on October 26-27 2021, on the theme “Cities, regions, clusters: on the road to zero carbon”.

From the southern coasts of Spain and Portugal to the northern lands of Denmark and Finland, from the sunny islands of Kyushu to the snowy mountains of Hokkaido, join for a tour of leading cities and regions in Europe and Japan, on the road towards carbon neutrality. 20+ speakers from all over Europe and Japan will highlight leading initiatives for a low-carbon transition taken by cities, regions, prefectures and clusters, in 6 key sectors: local, renewable energy, agriculture, transport, housing and tourism.

Agenda and registration: https://spipa-japan.net/?p=3813