The Eurecat (MAV – Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia member) technology center coordinates the CARBODIN project “Car Body Shells, Doors and Interiors” which will contribute to the manufacture of lighter and more energy-sustainable passenger trains, through the development of innovative modular molds for the manufacture of bodywork and wagon housings using composite materials.

As part of the project, “innovative and versatile molds and tools will be designed and developed that will give way to a new generation of body carcasses using composite materials to achieve significantly lighter vehicles, so that they can transport more passengers within the same axle load limits, use less energy and have a reduced impact on the railway infrastructure”, explains the director of the Eurecat Composite Materials Unit, María Eugenia Rodríguez.

In this line, “an important step will be the intelligent design where different technologies of manufacture of molds will be combined that allow us to generate tools for the conformation of composites of efficient way reducing like this the time of manufacture and to a competitive cost”, affirms.

Other steps provided for in the project “will be the design of the interior floor of the train, the development of a configurator for the interior with virtual reality and printed electrical circuits that save weight”, adds the head of Railway Business Development and Logistics of ‘Eurecat, Laia Garriga.

In this sense, we will work on a new concept of innovative doors, aimed at “creating new structures of lightweight composite material to improve energy consumption, noise and heat transmission and include improved access for people with reduced mobility”, explains Garriga.

Source: Eurecat

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