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InnoCarbEnergy aims to establish large-scale carbon fibre research from precursor production to the finished component in Lusatia (Germany) as a structural change project for the upcoming coal phase-out. The feasibility study serves to evaluate the technical, financial and economic framework conditions and to find a research site, especially on the Saxon side. However, the overall project will be carried out in Saxony and Brandenburg.

Currently is conducted a survey to determine the necessary size of the plant technology (especially precursor and conversion to carbon fibre) and to find potential business partners. This survey can be accessed via the following link. The survey can be complete by contacts who are interested in carbon fibres and want to expand their use. Based on this information, joint research and development projects can be initiated. The survey is aimed at SMEs and LEs.

The properties of carbon fibres are as diverse as their potentials. By applying carbon fibres in multifunctional lightweight structures, wind turbines, for example, can generate the basis for a CO2-free economy. Mobility, on the road, water, rail and in the air achieves greater ranges with lower greenhouse gas emissions through the use of carbon fibres and the resulting mass reduction. While the potential of carbon fibres as a future technology has already been confirmed, their industrial production has so far been based primarily on petrochemical base materials and energy-intensive processes, with high costs compared to metals.

Projects Objectives:

  1. Provide prospects
  2. Identify technology pathways
  3. Interconnecting science and business
  4. Verify boundary conditions

Project partners: Chemnitz University of Technology, Cluster of Excellence MERGE, Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP.

Source: ELCA European Lightweight Cluster Alliance