ELCA – European Lightweight Cluster Alliance

Elca is a 2-year project funded under the “COSME” programme.

The aim of the project is to prepare an international marketing strategy by a consortium created by five European industry clusters, establish cooperation between member companies of all clusters, prepare a joint offer and establish contacts with automotive, aero&aeronautics, railway and maritime concerns and also to promote European solutions in the field of light structures in transport, which aims at the reduction of CO2 emission and increase recycling, and thus fits into the concept of the circular economy.

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The consortium meetings in June

The consortium meetings in June

June was very active month for the partners of the ELCA consortium. Last month, we managed to meet several times - on June 11, June 17 and June 22, to discuss the current status of work. We have already completed the analysis of targeted markets and competences of the...