Bydgoszcz has been the industrial centre of the Kuyavian- Pomeranian Voivodeship region in Poland over the last years. The local economy is based on industries such as electro machinery, transport, tool, plastics processing, arms, furniture and grocery.The industry companies constitute about 10% of all economic activities, employing 50% of all the workforce in Bydgoszcz. The region concentrates a large number of companies operating in the tool and plastics processing industry and is the most powerful tool centre in Poland. It houses approximately 900 companies engaged in polymer materials processing and about 50 toolmakers. The BIC was established in 2006 with the aim of creating optimal development conditions, stimulating cooperation and integrating plastics processors and tool manufacturers of the plastics sector. BIC is formed by 134 members, including 94 enterprises, 10 business-related institutions, 5 R&D units, and 25 natural members. Altogether they employ more than 13,000 employees. The end-users of BIC’s main solutions cuts across different sectors, including automotive, aerospace, electronic appliances and housing among others.