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On March 17, 2021 took place an interregional workshop organized by PLA – WP1 leader. Katharina Schöps – a project coordinator – conducted the meeting. During the meeting, partners discussed about WP1 activities and the deadlines related to the proper course of the project.

This interregional workshop was organised to discuss the opportunities per sector and to compose a complete partnership (matrix of competences: value chain stages vs. sectors) and its aligning with the opportunities identified in T1.1. Partners were working on identification of needs and expectations in each targeted country.  It was doing by consulting collected specialised documents (specialised market and foresight studies, etc.). It is important because the aim of the project is: identifying specific regions in the already targeted markets and identifying other countries in which lightweight will be relevant in next years. The identification of market opportunities is especially significant for those regions in which more stringent environmental regulations are likely to enter in force.

What is more, MAV as a task leader is preparing the final version of the evaluation, which will consist of a questionnaire that will give the possibility to identify the core competences of each cluster and the already existing partnerships on an international level

After the workshop, partners will continue working on documents: BIC will focus on aero, AMZ in auto, MAV in rail and MECH in maritime, PLA will focus on identifying opportunities for polymer-based raw materials across all sectors. Each partner will also use their existing contacts in the targeted countries to identify the market opportunities, but also within their regional stakeholders’ network to have knowledge exchange on the mature and less mature markets.