This report is a compilation of the dissemination and communication activities of the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance – ELCA project that project partners have carried out up to M12, from September 2020 to August 2021.

It describes internal communication between partners, visual identity, the ELCA website and social media and all other activities taken to disseminate and promote all relevant information about the project.

  • One of the first activity of the WP4 was to create a logo, presentation and document template.
  • A dedicated project website was launched during the first 6 months of the project.
  • The ELCA internationalization profile on LinkedIn (LI) was launched on March 2021 (welcome post – 1st March 2021). The profile is updated systematically with news of the project, usually once a week as a minimum. 
  • On March 2021 was created a project’s account on ECCP. After that all important information on activities, news, events and results are fully transferred to the ECCP website regularly.
  • During the first year of the project, the ELCA has been promoted by consortium partners via their own websites and by publishing press releases on the industry magazines.
  • In order to increase the promotion of the project, the ELCA partners have promoted the project to their members through internal newsletters addressed to their members.

The first year of the ELCA project dissemination and communication activities have made good progress. The work completed during this year has laid a strong base in terms of promoting the project, ready for the second year of the project, where the missions and events will be organized and the “Lightweight made in Europe” brand will be developed.

The full document is available in the “Download” tab or at this link.