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The report describes the proposed planning that the ELCA COSME partnership will stick to in order to achieve the necessary linkages, agreements, relations, meetings and workshops with organizations, Clusters, SMEs and other relevant stakeholders and initiatives with the aim of enabling cross-fertilisation and achieving a cross-sectoral participation in the project.

First, the cluster partners identified different cluster organisations from the five participating countries (from lightweight domain and cross sectoral) that can benefit from the supported actions during the project lifetime.

In general, the purpose of the connections between other clusters or business networks is to involve them into the project activities as for example: joint information events, involvement of experts, participation at missions. 

As a result from the supported actions and in order to involve other clusters, business networks, consortiums and SMEs to the project, a total of 38 cooperation agreements will be signed during the (exploratory visits) and (cross-fertilisation events) between ELCA COSME partners and relevant organizations.

The main purpose of developing Cooperation Agreements is to make tangible the exploratory visits. 

Each of the five partners will also seek to develop Cooperation Agreements with 4 SMEs each one during the exploratory visits. 

The ELCA COSME Consortium will seek to develop 10 Business Agreements. The Business Agreements will be signed between SMEs from the ELCA COSME consortium and SMEs from other international countries according to the missions. 

A total of 38 different events will be organized by ELCA COSME partnership. Those meetings will be at national and international level and will include meetings with other clusters, companies or government agencies, workshops with SMEs, international events and meetings, etc. In order to prepare the exploratory visits to the different targeted countries, each partner will organize 2 workshops with national SMEs (10 in total). Please note that the workshops will be planned during the preparation of the missions.

At least 12 international meetings and events with other cluster, intermediary organizations, etc. will be realized before and during the missions to promote and present them and to exchange experiences and best practices.

After the international missions, each of the five partners will plan and organise one matchmaking meeting addressed to clusters and businesses. 

During the project, other clusters and organisations related to sectors that are not related with mobility will be involved to foster cross-sectorial collaborations and mutual learning at different levels. 

The full document is available in the “Download” tab or at this link.